Project name: Teletransfusion

Customer institution: Croatian Institute of Emergency Medicine

Funding source: Recovery and Resilience Mechanism 2021 - 2026, NextGenerationEU

About the project:

Transfusion medicine represents a significant impact on the comprehensive process of patient treatment. The number of transfusion medicine residents in the Republic of Croatia is in a linear decline in all cities and hospitals with transfusion departments. By using the telemedicine platform that enables remote interpretation of pre-transfusion and prenatal examinations, this project will ensure more rational usage of available human resources and services of transfusion medicine specialists. It will also reduce the number of necessary on-duties by providing support to all stakeholders networked in the Teletransfusion project.

Project objective:

Connecting hospital transfusion centres on the territory of the Republic of Croatia and digitalizing the health diagnostic process which will enable telemedicine transfusion service 24 hours a day.

Expected project results:

Purchased medical and computer equipment for digital recording and creation of digital findings for 35 telemedicine specialists and access centres.

Total project amount: HRK 14,916,854.00

Project implementation period: February 1, 2022 - June 15, 2023.

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