Project name: Telecordis

Customer institution: Croatian Institute of Emergency Medicine

Funding source: Recovery and Resilience Mechanism 2021 - 2026, NextGenerationEU

About the project:

Diseases of the heart and blood vessels or cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in the world, while in the Republic of Croatia, they are the cause of 45% of all death outcomes. The population over the age of 65 is the most affected, and at the same time, this population is in the highest risk group of mortality from COVID-19. The continental part of the Republic of Croatia, including rural areas, has higher mortality rates than the coastal part, related to the fact that they don't have a cardiology specialist in their local clinics or basic diagnostic procedures (such as Holter device), and that patients must travel to the nearest city where such services are provided. However, residents of island areas are also at risk, and due to their geographical distance, specialist cardiovascular services are difficult to access. That problem is especially present for the elderly and less mobile population and requires the organization of transportation to a specialist centre or outpatient clinic where this service is provided. In most cases, this increases costs for medical healthcare for patients, and at the same time, medical personnel at all levels of healthcare are not used optimally. Therefore, the project's main purpose is to increase the availability of specialist cardiology services to the population in rural and island areas remotely using telemedicine.

Project objective:

Digitalization of the health diagnostic process will enable modernized and accessible specialist cardiology service at the primary health care level, as well as timely diagnosis of patients and improvement of the efficiency of specialist doctors.

Expected project results:

Medical and IT equipment for ECG Holter monitors, NIBP Holter monitors, spirometry and 12-channel ECG services were procured and installed in 40 locations of outpatient clinics in remote and rural areas that do not have cardiology medical services, as well as in four specialist telemedicine centres that will remain diagnostic services.

Total project amount: HRK 5,181,770.00

Project implementation period: March 1, 2022 - March 31, 2023.

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