Access to information

Pursuant to the Right of Access to Information Act (OG 25/13 and OG 85/15), all information that the Croatian Institute of Emergency Medicine has, has available or supervises must be accessible to all natural and legal persons requiring access to information for the purpose of openness and public activities of public authorities.

The right to information is enacted by submitting a request to the Croatian Institute for Emergency Medicine. The request for the right to access information can be submitted:

  • By telephone to: +3851 4677-390,
  • By fax to: +3851 4677-180,
  • By e-mail to the information officer:,
  • By mail to the following address: Croatian Institute of Emergency Medicine, Planinska 13, 10 000 Zagreb.

Information officer: Vedran Drljańća, LL. B.


If the request is submitted by e-mail, the Request for Access to Information Form must be completed, and in case of not using the form, it is important to emphasize that the information is requested on the basis of invoking the Right of Access to Information Act. When submitting the request, no additional fee is payable with the form. The request for access to information must contain the following:

  • Statement by the party invoking the Right of Access to Information Act,
  • Name and head office of the public authority to which the request is submitted,
  • Data important for recognizing the required information,
  • First and last name and full home address of the natural person submitting the application,
  • Company and/or the name of the legal person and its head office.

Incomplete requests cannot be submitted to the procedure. The applicant is not required to state the reasons for requesting access to information and may also suggest in the request the manner in which the public authority will make the information available.

Pursuant to Article 19, paragraph 3 of the Act on the Right of Access to Information (OG 25/13 and OG 85/15) the Information Commissioner passes the Criteria for determining the fee for the actual material costs and costs of providing information.