Emergency department workers passed the EP5 training programme exercise

As part of the project Continuous professional training of emergency medicine workers, from 28 November to 1 December 2019, EP5 training programme exercise was held in Stubičke Toplice for nurses in emergency departments. The exercise was successfully passed by the 30 professionals from the clinical hospital centers of Sestre Milosrdnice and Zagreb, the clinical hospitals of Sveti Duh and Dubrava, the General Hospital of Varaždin and the County Hospital of Čakovec. Led by Anđela Simić, a team of national instructors conducted new knowledge and skills to them.

The project Continuing professional training of emergency medicine workers is co-financed by resources from the European Social Fund and implemented by the Croatian Institute of Emergency Medicine with the aim of maintaining and improving the knowledge and skills of emergency medicine workers, while at the same time advancing healthcare in the Republic of Croatia and improving access to high-quality health services.