Frequently Asked Questions

As part of the World Bank loan, in 2009, the Development of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Investment Planning Project was started providing the Republic of Croatia with a single emergency medicine system: providing a uniform, faster, more accessible and effective emergency medical service to patients, and better working conditions and professional training for health care professionals. The project encompassed all aspects of emergency medicine since the establishment of county institutes of emergency medicine and emergency departments, establishment of medical dispatch units, renewal of the pre-hospital EMS fleet and the introduction of specialization in emergency medicine, standardization of procedures, training, medical equipment, devices and equipment in emergency medicine.

The emergency medical service in the Republic of Croatia has been organized according to the model of a collaborative and single system of pre-hospital and hospital EMS and the Croatian Institute of Emergency Medicine, and the establishment of such an emergency medicine system has ensured efficient and quality provision of emergency medical care for everyone within Croatia.