Workshops on monitoring indicators of development of emergency medical services in Croatia

Workshops on monitoring indicators of development of emergency medical services (EMS) were held on  October  20 2010 in Croatian Medical Association in Zagreb. The workshops were organized by the Croatian Institute for Emergency Medicine in collaboration with the Croatian Institute for Public Health and the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of the Republic of Croatia.Working Group for the organization and  the realization  of workshops has organized and conducted two separate workshops: one for the coordinators of monitoring indicators of pre-hospital EMS, and the other for the coordinators appointed in the hospitals.Monitoring indicators of EMS in Croatia is an integral part of the Development of Emergency Medical Services and Investment Planning Project. The initiator of the project is the Croatian Government and the project is a part of the National Strategy for Development of the Croatian health care system. The Croatian Ministry of Health and Social Welfare is responsible for implementing this project that is running from the year 2008 - 2013. The Croatian Institute for Emergency Medicine provides expert support to the project of monitoring indicators of EMS, while the Croatian Institute for Public Health provides expert data processing and technical assistance.Both workshops aroused great interest: workshop for coordinators of pre-hospital emergency medical service was attended by 50 participants. Additionally, there were 45 participants in the workshop for hospital coordinators. The presence of such large number of participants indicates that the reorganization of EMS is a priority for the healthcare reform that is underway, and that the medical staff is personally interested to give their very best to contribute to the quality of  this reorganization The workshops emphasized that the success of the project monitoring indicators of EMS, as well as the success of any large project, is based on the success of each individual, through active participation, positive approach and a positive attitude towards any necessary corrections to their own work and the work of  colleagues.Director of the Croatian Institute for Emergency Medicine Ms. Maja Grba - Bujević, MD, M Sc, Spec. in  anesthesiology, reanimatology and intensive care, spoke about the monitoring of indicators of EMS in the context of the overall reorganization of EMS and its goals. She pointed out the responsibility for the success of project implementation in relation to the World Bank, but also in respect of each employee and each patient in the EMS.Ms. Maša Bulajić, MD., M Econ, Head of Medical Affairs of the Croatian Institute for Emergency Medicine held a training on the theoretical knowledge of the indicators, and the purpose and specific objectives related to the recording of each indicator. She pointed out that the indicators capture the dynamic process that is conducted in different areas and sometimes difficult to compare conditions, but nevertheless must be kept under the common denominator. She reminded   on the interactive form of the training which was held with the intention of reviewing the previous work, reminding on key information, giving answers to frequently asked questions received during the test period from May 15 2010  to July 1 2010, as well as reviewing proposals and adopting  mutual agreement and common conclusions.Mr. Ranko Stevanović, MD, Ph D, Head of primary care at the Croatian Institute of Public Health and a Medical Research Associate, Medical School University of Zagreb, thoroughly analyzed the methods of data entry. Being an expert on recording and analysis of data in the health field, he responded to numerous technical and organizational issues as well as suggestions by the participants .The participants have accepted these workshops as a genuine possibility of mutual exchange of information, experiences and knowledge. The discussionss in both groups were truly live, and the suggestions by two colleagues / coordinators were accepted. Based on their suggestions and the approval of both groups coordinators, these changes were immediately entered into a table for recording data, to be distributed to all coordinators the usual way.In addition to the coordinators from all regions of Croatia and the members of the Working Group, workshops were attended by Mr. Renato Mittermayer, MD, Director of the Agency for quality and accreditation in health care, and representatives of the Croatian Medical Association and the Croatian Health Insurance Institute.Presentations for both workshops are available on